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Full Version: Getting started
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Hi - I'm reasonably tech-savvy but I am having trouble figuring out the initial setup for my use case. 

I think I want a hybrid network topology, but I'm not sure. 

My goal is to use keexybox to control internet access by my kids - they each have an iPad, and there is an AppleTV that they use which I would like to limit and manage. I would like to be able to schedule internet availability for these devices, and be able to pause/resume the internet when needed. Content filtering would be great too but it is less critical to me.

We have a ton of devices in the house, but I only really need to use keexybox to control the internet on the kids devices and appletv. The other devices in the home could continue to use the vanilla internet from my ISP unless there's a good reason to go through the keexybox.

I have a mesh router set up in a largish home, I would like to continue to use that wifi network as my network if at all possible.

Is there a guide for this kind of setup? I have been reading the docs but I am a little overwhelmed.

Thank you!!