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Full Version: [solved] unable to connect a profile on a Iphone
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My iphone got a lease once (don't know how), but after a disconnection (to change the device profile), I lost him.
I can't anymore connect a profile on this device. He can't browse internet (except with a user profile). From the iphone, on the portal, I'm "Off line".
Wifi connection on this iphone is setup to 'connexion auto' and 'Authentication auto'.

[email protected]:/opt/keexybox/dhcpd/etc $ more dhcpd.leases

lease {
  starts 0 2021/07/11 13:21:52;
  ends 0 2021/07/11 15:21:52;
  cltt 0 2021/07/11 13:21:52;
  binding state active;
  next binding state free;
  rewind binding state free;
  hardware ethernet fdgwxfgwd;
  uid "\001**\021g)\363";
  client-hostname "iPhone";

Is it a DHCP issue or Profile issue ?

Does the iphone gets an IP from DHCP and Keexybox IP as DNS and Gateway?

When you change the profile of a device while it is connected, you have to reconnect it to use the new profile.
You have to do it in the admin web interface in "Connections".
If the device is not connected, you have to go to "Connection settings -> Devices" and click on the play button in "Actions".
I got it!
To use wifi on my iPhone i need to follow those steps (the first time only):
1- On my iPhone, Launch wifi connection. The iphone display the keexybox login page.
2- On my PC, in admin mode, I can see my Iphone from now, and apply a device profile.
3- Back to my iphone, to refresh keexy box welcome page.

Now it's okay.