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Hardware configuration - gshinde - 12-06-2020


Thank you very much for this cool idea. 
What is the recommended hardware configuration for this? I've never used a Pi and I'm starting from scratch. Do you recommend Raspberry pi 4, 4GB RAM, Fan cooling? 

Will an old Raspberry pi 1 (512MB RAM) work? 

If I want Keexybox to sit before my router (Google Nest), it should be sufficiently powerful to handle the traffic. It would be helpful to list some example hardware configurations on your installation page. 


RE: Hardware configuration - paul - 12-08-2020


1 GB of RAM is recommended, with 16GB of storage. Your RPI 4 is ok.
KeexyBox should also work on the RPI1 with 512GB RAM. You have to check that RaspiOS (Debian 10 base) still compatible on it.

Yes, KeexyBox should be sufficiently powerful, because the traffic is efficiently handle by the linux kernel. keexybox does not add any processing overlay on the traffic. DNS resolutions are managed by Bind which uses caching to speed up processing.