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    Thread: Reset network configuration
Post: RE: Reset network configuration

Hi, On admin Web UI, you can change input network interface and IP address there: System settings → Network More info at:
paul Installation 1 2,126 03-17-2022, 10:16 AM
    Thread: Google Fiber Router Recommended Setup
Post: RE: Google Fiber Router Recommended Setup

For the captive portal issue, this may be related to the mobile device that switches to DoH (DNS over HTTPS) mode which overrides the use of DNS. As explained in this post:
paul Users and devices connection management 2 83,187 11-29-2021, 01:33 PM
    Thread: Connection time selection
Post: RE: Connection time selection

Hello, It is not possible to to it from web admin interface.  You can change the list by editing this file :  Code:/opt/keexybox/keexyapp/src/Controller/Component/ConnectionDurationComponent.php You...
paul Captive portal 3 2,832 10-29-2021, 07:14 AM
    Thread: A profile with scheduled time doesn't work on Android 10
Post: RE: A profile with scheduled time doesn't work on ...

Hello, Does your android use keexybox as DNS only and not as gateway? If it use as DNS only, it is possible to have this behavior. It is due to browser that enabled DoH (DNS over HTTPS) when the DNS...
paul Profiles 1 2,680 07-27-2021, 11:04 AM
    Thread: [solved] unable to connect a profile on a Iphone
Post: RE: unable to connect a profile on a Iphone

Hi, Is it a DHCP issue or Profile issue ? Does the iphone gets an IP from DHCP and Keexybox IP as DNS and Gateway? When you change the profile of a device while it is connected, you have to recon...
paul Profiles 2 3,673 07-27-2021, 11:00 AM
    Thread: [solved] dhcpd can't start on all interfaces
Post: RE: dhcpd can't start on all interfaces

Hello, dhcpcd is not a service managed by keexybox. This is a DHCP client installed by default in raspios/debian. Many users are confused between dhcpcd and dhcpd service. You can simply ignore this...
paul DHCP 1 6,969 07-27-2021, 09:01 AM
    Thread: 1 PC, several users
Post: RE: 1 PC, several users

Hello, Thank you for your message. Keexybox interacts at the network level as a gateway and DNS, which therefore creates limitations. Used as parental control, it will not be as effective as a soft...
paul Users 1 2,640 07-27-2021, 08:39 AM
    Thread: Connection schedules not working
Post: RE: Connection schedules not working

(01-13-2021, 01:26 AM)mrwhite2020 Wrote: Cheers Michael, I think what you are trying to achieve and myself are the same.  A non-intrusive DNS blacklisting using Keexybox's excellent interface. In ...
paul Users and devices connection management 5 22,256 05-28-2021, 12:00 PM
    Thread: Samba and Plex no longer connect
Post: RE: Samba and Plex no longer connect

Can you give us more information on the topology of your installation?What are the private IP addresses of the Samba or plesk server? What are the input and output IP addresses of KeexyBox? What is ...
paul Network 1 2,224 05-10-2021, 11:11 AM
    Thread: Clock Unsynchronized
Post: RE: Clock Unsynchronized

Can you give us the outputs of the following commands: Code:cat /etc/ntp.conf ntpq -pn
paul Date and time 4 4,222 05-10-2021, 08:20 AM
    Thread: Icon windows Bar
Post: RE: Icon windows Bar

This maybe related to the Windows DNS cache that keeps keexybox IP for domain. The domain is an address used by Windows to detect a captive portal.
paul Miscellaneous settings 1 2,978 05-10-2021, 08:05 AM
    Thread: Statistics does not show up
Post: RE: Statistics does not show up

Does /opt/keexybox/logs/bind_queries.log* files contain data? These log files are used to create statistics.
paul Statistics and logs 5 8,262 05-10-2021, 07:21 AM
    Thread: I give up
Post: RE: I give up

Did you try to install Debian 10 and install Keexybox manualy on it ?
paul Installation 1 3,209 05-10-2021, 07:17 AM
    Thread: DNS Settings
Post: RE: DNS Settings

The DNS server used by Keexybox is not unbound but bind9. For example : If DNS1 & DNS2 are defined to and When "Use defined DNS as redirectors" box is checked, the DNS query w...
paul Network 2 3,281 03-01-2021, 11:08 PM
    Thread: Tor
Post: RE: Tor

Maybe the defined countries don't have tor exit nodes, it can happen. In System setting -> Misc, did you try to leave "Define Tor exit nodes countries" empty. Empty value means random exit node co...
paul Profiles 2 3,166 03-01-2021, 10:49 PM
    Thread: One user with multiple profiles. Possible?
Post: RE: One user with multiple profiles. Possible?

Hello, No, that's not possible. You must create 2 user accounts for your son. One assigned to the "class time" profile and the other to the "free time" profile. He will have to disconnect from the a...
paul Profiles 2 3,481 02-11-2021, 12:27 PM
    Thread: mysql-python won't install. Keeps throwing up errors
Post: RE: mysql-python won't install. Keeps throwing up ...

Hi, What version of raspbian are you using ? KeexyBox has not yet been tested on versions greater than 2020-08-20-raspios-buster-armhf-lite. If...
paul Installation 1 2,940 01-27-2021, 10:29 AM
    Thread: Docker Install
Post: RE: Docker Install

Hello, 1. I recommand a RPi 3 , but it should work on a pi-zero : 2. Keexybox interacting with iptables, there is no installation possible via docker. Keexy...
paul Installation 1 3,933 01-21-2021, 05:28 AM
    Thread: Profile confusion
Post: RE: Profile confusion

You may have the issue reported on this post : I highly recommend doing the actions below: Connect over SSH to your raspberryPI As root ru...
paul Profiles 3 3,760 12-15-2020, 04:43 AM
    Thread: Weird behaviour on Profiles/Devices
Post: RE: Weird behaviour on Profiles/Devices

It is indeed a bug. We reported it on GitHub: Thank you very much for your debug. For those who have the issue. You can fix it on your KeexyBox by foll...
paul Profiles 7 5,979 12-15-2020, 04:36 AM